Fashion takes a new turn when it comes to kids and babies. Our designers believe the best fashion for kids is simply one that makes them happy. And with that comes our motto -Happy clothes for happy kids!

The AOMI brand is backed by years of experience in the children’s fashion industry. We take our business very seriously and heed feedback from none other than our little patrons themselves. Our precious clients give us insights into their lifestyles and specific requirements to help us create clothes that kids enjoy wearing for comfort, fashion, style and fun!

AOMI is a kids apparel brand exclusively catering to children between 0-6 years of age. Established in 2006, AOMI now has three stores in Bengaluru and is soon looking at new locations in other cities. AOMI was a brand first created as a label for the appleofmyi stores, that still bring to kids and babies the best of clothing, toys and gifts.

Today, AOMI brings to you the latest international trends in kids fashion. We combine this with our very own creations in traditional wear to give you a range of clothing to choose from. Every occasion needs something special to wear, and AOMI is where you will find it all!



Kid’s Lifestyle


Every piece of clothing you see at an AOMI store is ‘Mom Approved’. We involve mothers at every stage to ensure that only the best materials, comfortable designs and savvy styles come into our store for our patrons.

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