About Apple Of My I

appleofmyi is an all inclusive mom, baby and kid store catering to moms-to-be, babies and children between 0-6 years. With over 25,000+ unique fun, developmental, wellness and utility oriented products, appleofmyi, a sister company of AOMI, is more than just your average kid store. In fact, AOMI – the brand, branched out into independent retailership after patrons showered the AOMI apparel line with generous love at appleofmyi stores.

appleofmyi is a one of a kind store that brings the most-reknowned national and international brands in maternity, baby essentials, toys and clothing, alongside its home-grown AOMI line of apparel – all under one roof. It is a preferred lifestyle destination amongst most young parents looking at nurturing the global citizen in our next generation.

You can visit any of the appleofmyi stores to experience shopping the best products for your kids, or shop directly from home at www.appleofmyi.in

An Inventis Retail Initiative

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